4 Tips to Fight Against Alopecia Effectively and Naturally

Do not want to continue losing your hair? But you do not want to take powerful drugs to fight their loss? Here are four tips to fight against alopecia.

There are different natural methods to fight against alopecia, a problem that affects most people.

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What is alopecia?

Alopecia is the term for hair loss – in excess of normal – in men and women. This loss causes a baldness of the scalp, especially in the gulfs. We also talk about seborrheic alopecia or, simply, baldness.

The most common alopecia is androgenetic alopecia, in more than 95% of cases of alopecia in men and more than 90% in women. The term androgenetic refers to the two origins of alopecia: genetic and hormonal.

Our hair is sensitive to male hormones, and this sensitivity depends on our genetics. Clearly, if our grandparents, parents we

re suffering from androgenetic alopecia, it is likely that we, in turn, know alopecia.

There is no fatality! Research into the causes of alopecia has advanced significantly in recent years. It is clearly possible today to curb hair los

s and even to generate regrowth in an extremely significant way.

No stress!

At the base of the hair follicle is a sebaceous gland excreting sebum. Sebum is a fat and protective substance for the hair. But the production of sebum in large quantities because of hormonal factors or too high stress leads to what is called hyperseborrhoea, which causes hair loss.

In other words, to fight against hair loss, you must first de-stress! People suffering from anxiety and stress problems can drink herbal teas to relax: passionflower and chamomile are excellent as well as anise, linden, orange blossom and mint.

1. A balanced diet

To fight against hyperseborrhea, it is also important to eat a balanced diet and to avoid as much as possible excessive fat, salty or sweet foods. In particular, it is necessary to limit the consumption of certain dairy products rich in fats.

It is also strongly recommended to consume nuts and almonds but also avocado, yeast, seaweed, soy, extra virgin olive oil, olives, fish, cereals or chaya (a plant from Central America). All these foods are excellent for the nutrition of your hair!

2. The regular massage of the scalp

A cranial massage activates the blood circulation, which helps the nutrients to be absorbed by the scalp, thus allowing the hair to be in good health. Its action also makes the scalp fat, sometimes compact and strong, more liquid: the pores of the scalp are then released and the hair can “revive”.

The massage should be vigorous, preferably with the tip (not the nail) of the index and middle finger, counting from 1 to 100. This regular massage allows in some cases, to observe a spectacular regrowth in the gulfs after only a few weeks.

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3. “Magic” shampoos

The shampoos of big brands are sometimes very aggressive for the hair. In order to defend against this aggression, the sebaceous gland produces more sebum than usual, which leads to excessive fat production in the scalp. That’s exactly the opposite of the effect you expect when washing your hair!

So turn to natural products, gentle and effective for the care of your hair. Chilli and cactus (zabila) shampoos are particularly effective against hyperseborrhoea. In addition, they restore radiance and strength to your hair. In Mexico, there is a shampoo with extracts of “cacahuananche”, a plant already used by pre-Hispanic civilizations for its therapeutic virtues: the assurance of healthy skin and thick hair, which is vigorous and shiny.

Feel free to apply them with the massage technique mentioned in the previous paragraph, or even to let them act during a good twenty minutes when you are at home and that you have the time: the result will be only better.

4. Panthenol or provitamin B5

Used in many cosmetics, panthenol or vitamin B5 promotes the regeneration of the skin but it is also effective – especially in spray – to give strength and vitality to the hair. After applying one of the shampoos mentioned above, then rinse and dry your hair, do not hesitate to apply a spray of panthenol on your hair and massage vigorously your scalp with the tip of your fingers.

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