The 10 Commandments of a Sexy Woman

As Salma Hayek once said, I think it’s nice for women to try to be sexy for their man.

Women are different – smart and beautiful, cheerful and charming, capricious and romantic, rich, with a doctoral degree, culinary talents and a brilliant career.

However, if you ask men what kind of woman is ideal for them, the first thing that comes to their mind is a sexy woman!

The French have given their own definition for this woman – la femme fatale: fatal, incredibly attractive, sexy, she completely fits the generally accepted canons of beauty.


And, nevertheless, this woman naturally possesses male attention wherever she appears.

What is her secret?

In the matter of women’s sexuality, the opinions of men and women radically differ.

The women are sure: sexuality is, first of all, appearance.

It is only necessary to choose the right wardrobe and make-up – and the title of a sex bomb is yours.

Any flaw in appearance cannot be seen as snow in the summer.

That’s why we so often do not understand men who “fall” for seemingly ordinary women.

We strive for an external shine, forgetting that real sexuality comes from within.

So, who is she – this really sexy woman?

1- Uncertainty is stronger than any aphrodisiac for men.

The sexy woman combines seemingly incongruous facets: the manners of a true lady and the free cheerfulness of a simpleton, a deep sharp mind and ease in communication, incredible, alert and reckless, liberal judgments and personal inaccessibility…

We will not be the first to say that nothing excites interest in men just like a mysterious woman.

Such is his nature – unravelling this riddle gives him incredible pleasure.

2- A sexy woman is well aware of how lucky she is to be born a woman and is not afraid of her feminine nature.

 She does not care about the stereotypes of beauty, fickle and unstable as the seaside breeze.

She will be bright, attractive, benevolent, artistic, affectionate, bitchy, charming…

She is feminine, she is 100% self-confident – in outward appearance, in inner integrity, and this harmony attracts men much more than long-legged and full-breasted “beauty ideals” pacing on the world’s catwalks.

3- A sense of self-worth is in the blood of a sexy woman.

It can be caught in a glimpse, the fleeting inclination of the head and the slight smile.

Primitive perceptions of female seduction are alien and unpleasant to her, as she considers them useless and inappropriate because she knows perfectly well how they frighten off men.

But her deep respect for herself makes men treat her the same way. About such a woman they say “she knows her own worth.”

4- Vulgarity is unnatural for a truly sexy woman.

It is simply not inherent.

She knows perfectly well that, between real sex appeal and cheap vulgarity, there is a huge difference, and, as a truly harmonious person, she never crosses that line.

5- Sexily dressed women – a paradox for women, and an incredible object of lust for men.

They say that fascinating conversation is art because what is key in it is to tell a little less than one would like to know.

Same with clothes: women who know how to dress are fluent in the methods of dressing so that men want to undress them.

No, no, it’s not about the plunging neckline, tight jeans, deflated waists and transparent fabrics.

It is much more complicated – the clothes of a truly sexy woman make the imaginations of men light up, thinking out and painting everything that is hidden from the eyes.

6- A sexy woman is fluent in the art of subtle flirting.

She wins by losing to a man so that the latter does not even think of doubting his role as a conqueror.

And, nevertheless, we perfectly know who really gets the prize in this role-playing game.

7- A sexy woman is a female cat.

She is incredibly sensual and is not afraid of this sensuality.

Incredible energy is hidden within her.

The men feel it, sometimes even fear it, but they are drawn to such women like moths to fire – they know perfectly well that it is not in their power to resist the charms of such a woman.

8- A sexy woman is not alien to the manifestation of sensuality, she is not a prude and not a bore.

She does not turn away men with sham modesty.

And yet, for all of her inner freedom, this woman is still shrouded in a light halo of inaccessibility.

A man with such a woman can never be absolutely sure that he will wake up with her tomorrow in the same bed. Because, in the end, SHE decides anyway.

9- A sexy woman never rushes to get rid of uninteresting fans.

Because she is sure: this circle of admirers makes her even more desirable in the eyes of other men.

She knows that, sooner or later, this person who really needs her will wind up in this circle.

10- A sexy woman does not go through life in leaps and bounds.

She is sincere and open.

It is easy to start a conversation with her, and the role of the presenter is always rightly given to the man. Not because she is stupid – quite the contrary.

She, like Coco Chanel, knows that “only the ability to chat about anything makes a woman an incredibly interesting companion.”

And finally, do not forget that, in the beginning, God created man, but then He realized that He could do more – and a woman appeared.

All in your hands!

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