10 Unusual Sports to Spice Up Your School Year

From the start of the school year, the days become shorter and cooler, which can discourage some people from practicing physical activity. But it can also be a good time to review sport priorities or try new ones.

In this season, the sports activity is the ideal option to keep the good mood of the holidays, especially if it is unusual! Here is our selection of ten sports to adopt to spice up and boost the upcoming months.

1. Bikram yoga or hot yoga

Bikram yoga, also called "hot yoga", is practised in an overheated room to compensate for the drop in the outside temperatures. This discipline allows you to sweat profusely and offers a complete cardiovascular exercise. High temperatures increase the heart rate. However, you must be in very good shape to start such courses that require regular hydration.

2. The immersive bike, an indoor race

Immerse yourself in a parallel world with videos projected in HD on the screens of a room. The concept of "immersive cycling", or immersive bike, is to ride your bike to travel virtually. Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona, New Zealand: the concept is beginning to flourish around the world. Cost is less than $200 for ten sessions.

3. The aqua standup, the substitute of the paddling at sea

Inspired by the standup paddle practised at sea, the aqua standup consists of doing fitness exercises (abs, squats) standing on a board attached to the pool. We work on balance, back and joints, not to mention the sheath, which allows obtaining a flat stomach. The sessions last on average 45 minutes.

4. Aqua yoga, the aquatic Zen break

Practised in the pool, this sport revisits yoga by adapting the postures in the water. The exercises are based on two main movements: the ripple and the spiral. Stretching and breathing punctuate the session. Across the US, swimming pools offer aqua yoga classes. Spas and sports complexes start surfing the wave with sessions that cost about $40.

5. The SurfSet Fitness, the sensations of surfing in the city

Good news: you do not have to be a surf pro to climb SurfSet Fitness, a surfboard on three balloons. In the gym, get caught up in the game and learn the basics of surfing as if you were in the middle of the waves. There are a lot of companies out there offering SurfSet courses for very cheap – something around $30 per group session.

6. Block climbing: a fun climb

During lunch or on weekends, putting on slippers for indoor climbing is becoming a trend in climbing. Without rope or harness, the discipline, cheap, is playful and can be practised with the family. The blocks reach a maximum height of 4 meters, and the fall is a large mattresses.

7. The bokwa, dance fitness trend of the return to keep the good mood

Easier to practice than the very popular Zumba, the bokwa, invented by a dancer of South African origin in Los Angeles, rhymes with fun and release. You do not have to know how to dance to practice this mix of dance, cardio and bodybuilding. Inspired by the dance of South African ghettos, the bokwa consists of drawing figures and letters with footsteps on the floor, mostly bouncing, all to ultra-rhythmic music. With nearly 1,200 calories burned in one sitting, calves, thighs and glutes are at the party.

8. Spinning, from the multi-bike

There's no such thing as cycling to get outdoors in the spring and summer, but it's a much less fun sport when it starts to rain, so why not try spinning? These are group cycling lessons given by a coach to the rhythm of catchy music in a team atmosphere. With nearly 675 calories burned in a 30-minute session, bike sprints help solicit the leg and buttock muscles and boost cardiovascular activity for quick visible results.

9. The trail, the ideal outdoor sport

The trail is the outdoor sport par excellence and adapts perfectly to the weather conditions of autumn. This practice makes it possible to vary the pleasures while leaving the monotony of the race on road or on track. Ascent and descent on sometimes poor roads, the trail offers more interesting terrain than the simple carpet race.

10. Kizomba, the dance that lands in sports clubs

New Caliente dance from Angola, Kizomba ignites the gyms in September. Unlike the popular Zumba, kizomba is a two-way dance. Its languid movements, characteristic of this kind of African tango, boost sensuality by helping to burn up to 400 calories in an hour. What can be better?

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