3 Natural Cures for Motion Sickness

Train, boat, plane or even car… do your travels often turn into a nightmare because of your motion sickness? If you do not want to take medicine, know that there are natural tips. Amélie Michel, Certified Aromatherapist, gives you her advice.

Having motion sickness can really spoil a trip. Nearly 20% of American people suffer from nausea when they travel by car, train, plane or boat. Motion sickness is usually associated with a gap between visual perception and balance, resulting in a disturbance of the inner ear. In medicine, we talk about motion sickness. Some suffer from this ailment throughout their lives, from a very young age. Some suffer from it occasionally. The symptoms are often identical, that is to say, discomfort, nausea, headaches, cold sweats, hypersalivation or accelerated breathing. And sometimes this motion sickness can lead to vomiting. Aside from the risk of dehydration in case of persistent vomiting, motion sickness is not serious. However, it is extremely unpleasant for those who suffer from it. The proposed treatments are unfortunately not always effective or require taking medication. Yet, there are natural ways to combat motion sickness. Discover them:

1. Ginger

Ginger is without a doubt the most effective remedy for naturally fighting motion sickness. Several scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ginger, which is often used by the pharmaceutical industry. The WHO recognizes it as justified in the context of motion sickness. You should know that ginger has 15% gingerol. It is a component that is effective in the context of motion sickness as they contribute to the functioning of the stomach. To avoid nausea, I often advise chewing fresh ginger whenever possible. I know that the taste is special and does not please everyone, but it is really effective.

For those who fear the slightly pungent taste of pure ginger, it is possible to prepare an infusion with a fresh slice that must be soaked in boiling water for about ten minutes. To lighten the taste, it is recommended to add lemon or possibly honey. However, chewing remains the best solution for optimal results.

2. Lemon and peppermint

This is a synergy of essential oils particularly effective for fighting motion sickness. Indeed, the virtues of these essential oils are ideal to quickly relieve nausea. This blend of lemon essential oil and peppermint is perfect for those who have a heartache or a headache that occurs frequently by car or boat. You have to associate them so that they are really effective and get in the habit of taking this synergy half an hour before taking the transport.

How to do it? Add on a teaspoon of honey or possibly on a sugar cube, a drop of essential oil of lemon and a drop of essential oil of peppermint. The effect is immediate. However, Peppermint essential oil is very strong, and should never be used on children under 7 years of age or pregnant women. This recipe should only be used by healthy adults. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice before trying it.

Also, note that it is possible to breathe peppermint essential oil directly from the bottle in case of nausea during transport if you have no contraindications. It is then sufficient to inhale deeply and gently to immediately feel the benefits. Be careful not to do it too often!

3. The banana

In many cases, people with motion sickness think that you should not eat before taking a car or boat ride. Big mistake ! If the stomach is empty, it may contract and promote nausea. It is strongly recommended to have a meal before leaving. But you must not eat just anything, of course. I usually advise to eat a banana before taking the road. It is the perfect food for easy digestion. Indeed, this fruit lines the oesophagus and calms the bitterness. You must also know that it is the only food that has the same taste when you eat it than when you vomit it… And most importantly, you must avoid liquids other than water. Milk especially is difficult to digest, so it is best not to consume it before a long trip!

You now know everything about motion sickness and can test these natural tips right now. They are, for the most part, very effective. Just find the one that suits you best. Have a nice trip!

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