5 Reasons Why Balanced Diet is Crucial

It is said that “you are what you eat!” If you believe this saying, then healthy eating is the key to lead a healthy life.

By eating the healthy and the right food, we can think better. It doesn’t only affect our physical health but also our mental health, our feelings, and emotions.

There are certain foods that can help you reduce sadness, control anxiety, and improve your quality of sleep.

Five main reasons why our body requires a balanced diet are as follows:

  1. Reduced risk of diseases

No doubt the world has advanced a lot, and now doctors can help you recover from many diseases previously incurable. But why do you even want to get a disease?

No one wants to get sick. No one likes to visit a hospital.

Maybe you aren’t aware of the fact that you can greatly reduce the risk of getting a disease with a healthy and balanced diet. Obesity is often linked as the root cause of the development of many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, liver disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, gout, gallstones, and certain cancers.

A healthy and balanced diet can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Body organs to function properly

Our organs need a variety of nutrients to function properly. Certain nutrients are essential for each organ to function properly. Providing organs with their essential nutrients means having a balanced diet. Proper functioning organs also reduce the risk of diseases.

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  1. Healthy lifestyle

By healthy lifestyle, I mean better sleep, better mood, and healthier looking skin.

Sleep is essential for our body. It allows the body to develop new muscles and replenishes from the day’s activities. It also allows our brain to regain strength and to function at peak levels.

Poor eating habits can lead to a difficult night’s sleep. When we eat without balanced sense, our body lacks many of the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Some people go most of the day without eating properly. Then, by the end of the day, they are literally starving. So to make it up, these folks (not you of course 😉 ) try and consume a large meal at night.

This obviously forces the body into its natural digestion process. And, as you may have already guessed, it is very difficult for our body to rest if it has to digest some large portion of food you just ate.

DON’T DO IT!!! You are sacrificing your good night sleep!

A balanced diet throughout the day leads to a good night sleep. And a good night sleep leads to better mood and a much more productive day.


  1. Better physique

Oh sure, you can lose weight by eating low calorie-dense food. What’s that?

I can answer that by asking you to think fruits and veggies. These foods have a lower level of calories, with higher nutrition, in a much larger portion of food.

High calorie-calorie-dense foods, on the other hand, have a lot of calories in smaller portions of food. Think of foods high in fat or those that contain refined sugars.

With a balanced diet, your body gets filled with the most essential and important nutrients. As such, there is no space left for calorie-dense foods (like fats and refined sugars I mentioned above) that will lead you to gain weight.

A balanced diet helps us select high nutrition food that is used for energy.

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You will reach your optimal weight even without intense exercises by following a balanced diet.

And of course, your optimal weight will leave you to have a better physique.

  1. More Energy

A diet full of nutrients not only helps you stay healthy but also gives help you feel way more energetic.

Fruits are known to be a major source of energy. And the most wonderful thing about fruits is that because of their low caloric density, you can eat until you are full without worrying about gaining weight.

So go ahead and add fruits to your supermarket shopping list and eat them regularly. You’ll get the energy you need to keep you going all day!

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