6 Tips for Staying Physically Fit This Summer

The good weather always provides the opportunity to get out of our seasonal lethargy and get back in shape. It is time to resume physical activity so here are six tips that will help you with that:

1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Having a balanced and diversified diet is the number one step! The summer is conducive to daily barbecues, aperitifs with friends and sweets. It is possible to agree to small pleasures while being reasonable. A chicken skewer with a large salad rather than red meat and potatoes, water sorbets instead of salted butter caramel ice creams, hummus and tsatziki crudités instead of crisps, lemon water rather than sodas.

2. Wake up your bodies

If you can not remember your last sporting activity, give yourself a few weeks to restart the machine. Walk actively for at least thirty minutes a day and prefer the stairs to the elevator. Do not move only when the opportunity arises, but make sure to walk on the lunch break, a night out in the neighbourhood, on Saturday at the market and on weekends with your family. The best is still to walk along the beach, it's good to be on vacation!

3. Take back gently

Start with gentle or low-intensity activities to get your body used to the effort without forgetting to warm up. Start with 15 to 20 minutes of jogging, cycling or low-intensity swimming to assess your fitness. If the first 10 minutes seem insurmountable, it does not matter. Try to keep at it for 15 minutes, then add another five more the next time. If you feel comfortable, intersect your workout with muscle building exercises. In the parks, one can easily find fitness trails for training.

4. Equip yourself

There is no question of hiking with sneakers or running with a cotton tee that is too hot. Nothing should interfere with your practice, nor hurt you (irritations, blisters, burns). Opt for shoes and clothes for your activity: leggings or shorts, a t-shirt or tank top in technical and airy textile, a sports bra is indispensable for women. Do not skimp on the choice of shoes and socks. We often forget them and yet it would be stupid to end up with blistered feet!

5. Test new sports activities

Hiking, canyoning (hiking and climbing or hiking in the rocks), stand up paddleboard (a cousin of surfing), beach volleyball (volleyball on the beach), many activities are conducive to moving in the summer! Also vary the terrain: in the mountains, on the sand, in the forest, on dirt roads. Sport is also very fun!

6. Do your stretches

Lounging on the beach or in the garden is not the only way to relax! After each workout, consider stretching slowly and gradually to relax your muscles and maximize recovery after exercise. It allows you to relax the body and the mind! Apart from any physical activity, do a stretching session with longer and deeper stretches that allow you to relax your body and regain mobility. Remember that a soft body is a body that is less affected by the passing of time!

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