8 Natural Tips Against Heavy Legs

With the hot weather, comes the sensation of heavy legs. To relieve this discomfort that can turn into real pain at the end of the day, there are organic and 100% natural remedies.

After a hot or very tiring day, our legs swell and become heavy. In addition to causing discomfort, they are sometimes even painful. The feeling of heaviness of the legs is caused by a poor circulation of blood in the veins. It is sometimes accompanied by pain, cramps, tingling, and in the worst case, edema. Women are not spared, 70% of them are prone to heavy legs.

It is the venous return that is involved in this phenomenon. Unlike the arteries whose wall is provided with muscle fibers that contract to raise blood, the veins are lacking. But fortunately, they are equipped with valves that close and prevent the blood from backtracking. When one is a long time standing or it is very hot, the venous return is more difficult and the blood tends to stagnate. There are natural tips to relieve the feeling of heavy legs and stimulate venous return. Here are 8 of them:

1. Loose and comfortable clothes

Adopt: loose and comfortable clothes, preferably in organic cotton. Too tight, some clothes prevent the venous return being done properly. Opt for soft, loose and wide clothing that does not compress the body: loose dresses, long skirts and shorts are de rigueur.

Avoid: a belt that compresses the waist, the skirt or the jeans too tight, clothes (pantyhose, swimsuit, sheath) which compresses the vessels and cuts the blood circulation. Also, avoid high heels and shoes with a thin sole too (like ballerinas or sandalettes).

2. The cold water jet

Adopt: a good cool shower on the legs, passing the jet from calves to the thighs. Cold has a vasoconstrictor effect that increases blood pressure by tightening the vessels. In this way, the circulation is stimulated and the stagnation of the blood in the legs is avoided.

Avoids: heat sources that dilate the vessels and promote venous engorgements such as hot wax depilations or even lukewarm baths. Also, avoid exposing your legs to the sun.

3. High feet

Adopt: a cushion to place underfoot whether reading a book, watching TV or sleeping. Extend your legs and lounging. The trick in addition? Before going to bed, throw a jet of cold water on your legs and then go back to bed. Lie down and stretch your legs against a wall two or three minutes to facilitate venous return.

Avoid: sitting or standing positions for a long time. If you can, stretch your legs on a chair in front of you and raise them with a cushion. Otherwise, stretch your legs regularly while walking. If your profession asks you to stay up for a long time, walk regularly and during breaks, use it to raise your legs.

4. Massage with vegetable oil

Adopt: organic vegetable oil to massage. Coconut oil and avocado have a strong penetrating power. Used in massage, they relax the feet and relieve the feelings of discomfort. Circular movements up and down the thighs with emphasis on the calves. In your massage oil, you can add 2 or 3 drops of menthol essential oil to provide a fresh and light feeling to your legs.

Avoid: massage from top to bottom and massage with hot oils.

5. Home made light legs gel

Here is the recipe for a gel that immediately brings an effect of freshness and lightness to relieve your heavy legs.


  • 50 ml of Aloe Vera gel
  • 20 drops of cypress essential oil
  • 20 drops of cedar essential oil from the Atlas
  • 20 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 20 drops of peppermint essential oil


Add the essential oils to the Aloe Vera gel and let stand overnight. After the last stream of cold water on your legs, apply in circular movements from the ankles and up to the thighs. This gel can be applied with an insistence on the thighs and the belly because it has anti-cellulite virtues. It can be kept in the fridge for a week.

6. Complementary plants

Adopt: Opt for assets that have veinotropic properties. Horse chestnut has an anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor action. The red vine restores elasticity and permeability to the walls of the blood vessels. The small holly (ruscus) increases the venous tone. Under the effect of its assets, the vessels contract and raise blood to the heart relieving heavy legs. These can be found in organic stores or pharmacies in a liquid form (massage) or food supplements.

Avoid: self-medication. First of all, ask for advice from a pharmacist, a naturopath or a phytotherapist because plants have sometimes powerful active ingredients.

7. The foot bath

Adopt: the fresh foot bath with essential oils. The cypress essential oil has amazing circulatory properties. In a basin of fresh water, pour 10 drops of cypress essential oil and 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Immerse your feet in the water and luxuriate for 15 minutes.

Avoid: Too hot water.

8. The compression stockings

Adopt: Half-down, stockings, tights or socks. Let's admit that these accessories are not always sexy but they are very effective! They limit the dilation of the veins and stimulate blood circulation by compressing the vessels. The blood flow is, thus, carried back to the heart.

Avoid: accessories that are not the correct size and that compress the limbs too much.

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