HCG Diet Recipes

An Overview of An HCG Diet Menu

Do you want to lose weight fast?

This article will introduce you to a new diet that will make you burn all of those excessive and unsightly fats safely.

At the end of this article we will include an overview of a typical HCG Diet Menu so you can have something to refer to every now and then and to give you an idea what an HCG Diet Menu looks like.

The HCG diet was introduced to us by Dr. ATW Simeons some time in the 1960s. Since then, it has helped millions of people lose weight safely and easily.

Dr. Simeons, an obesity expert, conducted several studies about the HCG Diet and released it to the public as soon as he was able to master the entire program.

Here are the top reasons why the HCG diet is more advisable than the other diet plans and programs.

  1. For one, an HCG diet program is safe. Its mechanism of action is based on the effect of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which has the power to eliminate fats in a fast, yet safe way.
  2. Second, the HCG diet is inexpensive. Unlike other diet programs that can cost you an arm and a leg, the HCG diet is very affordable.
  3. Last, an HCG diet menu will not starve you to death.

You can still eat whatever you want to eat, but your cravings for certain fat-inducing foods will be lessened.

Why Should You Make Use of HCG Diet Recipes?

The HCG Diet Program has been receiving quite a number of positive feedbacks and praises because of its effectiveness in helping millions of people who have weight issues shed pounds.

As mentioned earlier, the HCG Diet Plan was founded by Dr. Simeons–an obesity specialist.

So by now, you probably have an idea that this diet has been scientifically backed up and the foundation of this diet has been based purely on research, making it safe and effective to use.

Going back, it is essential that HCG Diet aficionados make use of HCG Diet Recipes so they won’t have to constantly exhaust their brain experimenting on entrees that are very strict with the caloric count.

With HCG Diet recipes, all ingredients have been carefully chosen, the end result for the entrĂ©e had been calculated to make sure that all there’s left for you to do is to sit on your chair and eat the food that’s right in front of you.



The Advantages of Having HCG Recipes Ready

For those who have already been educated about the HCG Diet Program, they pretty much know how demanding and how strict this diet can be especially when it comes to the caloric value.

To lessen this rigidity, we suggest that you ready yourself with numerous HCG recipes in all three phases so you can go through the entire process with ease.

The HCG Diet has guidelines that should be religiously followed. Take for example the amount of calories needed for a particular phase in a specific time frame.

All these phases will require you to create recipes that coincide with the caloric value needed for the day. Since all these phases consist of different caloric requirements, you have to make sure that you have recipes for all three.

It is essential that you look for these recipes in different blogs and websites to add variation to your meals. Dieting does not have to be boring as long as you combine creativity with it.

HCG Diet Menu: Knowing What You Should Eat

The HCG diet menu depends on the stage or phase.

In the loading phase of high carbohydrate and fatty food consumption, you can eat pretty much anything you want.

This is the time you can load yourself with those foods you have avoided in the past.

Why is this so?

The body needs to adapt and adjust to the effects of the hCG hormone, thus the need for this first stage.

In the burning phase, the calorie consumption is limited to 500 which is achieved by having breakfast of either tea or coffee without milk; a lunch with only 100 grams of boiled or grilled meat, white fish, beef, chicken breast or other alternatives in the list of acceptable foods, one type of vegetable, and a fruit; for dinner, the menu is the same with lunch.

However, not all meat cuts, fish, fruits and vegetables are acceptable. Make sure you stick to what is only allowed.

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