5 Surprising Benefits of Beer Yeast

A flagship product of herbal remedies, brewer's yeast is a probiotic, that is, a living substance that has many therapeutic indications on a daily basis.

Rich in vitamins of the B group, minerals and trace elements, the brewer's yeast protects the intestines, strengthens nails and hair and embellishes the skin. It could even reduce anemia, cramps or prevent deficiencies during pregnancy.

Ready for a cure? Whether it is in powder, capsules or flakes, let's see together its benefits for your body.

Traditional uses of brewer's yeast

Biologically, brewer's yeast, also called "Saccharomyces cerevisiae", is a microscopic mushroom. Nothing to fear, however, these microorganisms are not pathogenic and have always been used to make bread, wine, beer or yoghurt.

Their metabolism allows them to digest and transform certain carbohydrates into many molecules in two main ways: the aerobic pathway, which produces carbon dioxide, and the anaerobic pathway that corresponds to alcoholic fermentation.

These two modes of production are thus logically dedicated or to the bakery, or the production of alcohol.

Yeast beer, yes… but alive!

In therapeutic use, there are two types of yeasts. The first, called active yeast, which we are interested in here, is cultivated and dried at temperatures not exceeding 40 ° C, in order to preserve all its probiotic properties.

It is these non-pathogenic micro-organisms that will digest sugar and starch from cereals, and thus create an exceptionally rich environment of proteins and vitamins. The second type of yeast, called inactive, is the one found in alcoholic beverages.

Its fungi have been rendered inactive by high-temperature drying, and the yeast has no probiotic activity, although it retains its vitamins and minerals.

Its nutritional advantages

In terms of nutrition, active yeast contains 50 to 60% of protein, placing it well in front of meat, eggs or soya. It also contains the 8 amino acids essential for the proper functioning of the body, which makes it particularly interesting for vegetarians.

Beer yeast contains a wide variety of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium or iron, as well as assimilable trace elements such as iodine, copper, zinc or selenium. Finally, it contains 17 vitamins, most of which are vitamins of group B, involved in cell regeneration, maintenance of healthy skin and healthy muscles, maintenance of the immune system or the nervous system.

The composition of the active yeast, therefore, makes it an ideal dietary supplement, and a tablespoon (about 10g) covers all the recommended daily intake of vitamins B1 and B9.

The medicinal and cosmetic virtues of brewer's yeast

The amino acids, vitamins and minerals provided by brewer's yeast are beneficial for many health problems of daily life, and its cosmetic virtues are well established. Discover the 5 main uses of active yeast and their dosage.

1. To facilitate digestion

Thanks to its probiotic action, brewer's yeast is ideal for people suffering from intestinal disorders. The micro-organisms it contains have a rebalancing action on the intestinal flora and have the effect of reducing pain and bloating.

The active yeast thus reduces the sensations of intestinal discomfort and relieves diarrhoea and infectious colitis. It is also recommended in case of antibiotic treatment: the latter destroying the intestinal flora, the consumption of live yeasts can remedy it.

In practice and for chronic digestive disorders, taking one capsule of yeast daily should reduce pain and bloat in 4 weeks maximum. If not, call your doctor or pharmacist.

When taking antibiotics, take the equivalent of 200mg of active yeast per day and continue this course 5 to 6 days after the end of treatment.

2. To repel fatigue and diseases

To fight against the reduction of tone and overwork, nothing better than yeast. Thanks to its wealth of vitamins B and trace elements, it stimulates the immune system and attacks the toxins present in the body.

It also increases the activity of phagocytes, these cells responsible for including foreign bodies such as microbes to destroy them. Consumed daily, this stimulant will allow you to face winters or changes of pace without contracting the common colds and other viral infections!

In adults, it is recommended to take in prevention 2 to 3 teaspoons of straws or 2 to 3 g of powdered beer yeast at the beginning of the winter or in times of stress. Generally, the cures of brewer's yeast last 3 months and can be renewed two or three times in the year.

3. To limit nausea and deficiencies during pregnancy

Natural and without contraindication in pregnant women, brewer's yeast can help to pass the sometimes delicate course of the first trimester of pregnancy, reducing nausea and vomiting thanks to its vitamin B9 content.

Active yeast also helps prevent folic acid deficiencies, and its galactogenic properties boost breastfeeding.

In practice, if it is appropriate to talk about this supplementation with your gynaecologist, 20 g per day of flakes of yeast will cover your vitamin B9 needs during pregnancy.

4. To consolidate nails and hair

Brewer's yeast promotes the synthesis of keratin, this particular protein that is the main constituent of nails and hair. Thanks to this, you can say goodbye to soft or brittle nails that split!

As for hair, yeast is indicated to fight against fine and brittle hair. But that's not all. In fact, brewer's yeast does many miracles on the hair. It also helps fight hair loss and accelerate their growth. In addition, it slows down their whitening, fights against dry hair and restores shine and suppleness in a few weeks.

You will find many brands that offer active yeast capsules to strengthen nails and hair. It is advisable to carry out cures for about 2 months according to the doses recommended by the manufacturers.

For vibrant hair and full health, you can also use beer yeast as a mask. Several formulas exist to create your own mask. The easiest way is to mix fresh yeast, available in a bakery, with some warm water to create a consistent dough. Then you simply put it on your hair by gently massaging your scalp, and let it sit for about half an hour before rinsing.

If you prefer, you can also create a mask with sparkling beer yeast. Mix a few tablespoons with two egg yolks and put everything on your hair in the same way.

5. To beautify the skin

Beer yeast has purifying and balancing properties, and is excellent for the skin, and especially for oily skin suffering from acne. In this case, it is the external way that it is the easiest to use it, via 2 mask recipes that we propose.

The anti-gray mask

Addressing dry and tired skin, or attacked by pollution, beer yeast restores radiance and comfort. For this, mix 3 to 4 teaspoons of brewer's yeast with a little warm water to obtain a smooth paste. Apply to the face and let stand for 5 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Purifying mask with brewer's yeast

Thanks to the massive presence of vitamins and trace elements, beer yeast helps regulate the production of sebum and purify the pores.

For this, mix 2 tablespoons yeast with a little rose water and a few drops of evening primrose oil.

Put the mask in thick layers on the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Renew the operation regularly and you will see the results appear quickly on your skin.

Should beer yeast be used with care?

Like many other products, whether natural or not, yeast must be consumed in moderation. Overconsumption may result in mild but not always pleasant side effects, such as bloating, flatulence or an imbalance of the intestinal flora. When taken as a cure, it is better not to consume it for more than 2 or 3 months.

Besides this, it is also important to note that yeast does not always combine well with drugs. If you are taking antidepressants or analgesics, it is recommended to avoid using them because it could cause high blood pressure.

Do not consume beer yeast if you have immunodeficiency, inflammatory bowel disease or gluten intolerance. In this regard, note also that beer yeast contains a large number of biogenic amines, which can cause migraines and itching in people who are allergic to it.


The great wealth of vitamins, essential nutrients and trace elements of active yeast gives it a wide range of preventive and curative actions.

If there is no true contraindication to consume beer yeast, however, it is necessary to adhere to a certain dosage and avoid overdose that could cause some intestinal discomfort.

That is why it is better to consume this probiotic in courses of 2 or 3 months.

Beer yeast is found in many forms. In glitter, to sprinkle on a salad, yoghurt or cereals, or in powder or capsules, it will find its place at home!

Choose the most convenient way for you to consume it, and remember that to preserve all the properties it should not be heated.

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