7 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Nettle

All those who have played in nature as children have surely already fallen in the nettles, and do not keep the best memories! But although it seems very aggressive when it stings us, the nettle is actually full of virtues.

If one manages to get past its leaves to its urticating power, the nettle has a lot of benefits and has been appreciated since ancient times. Belonging to the family of vegetables, nettle can be used in cooking. But it is also present in the shelves of pharmacies or in some cosmetics.

It must be said that nettle contains a rich composition that helps fight against many diseases and many daily ills. It is very rich in vegetable protein, but also in vitamins, especially vitamins B and C. Nettle also contains a lot of magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur, zinc and other minerals. Its composition gives the nettle stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic or remineralizing properties.

In this article, we return to all that nettle can do for you. And if you do not know how to consume it, we explain it to you at the end of the article.

1. It treats oily skin

Nettle has the ability to significantly reduce the secretion of sebum from our skin and is recommended for oily skin. In addition, the zinc present in nettle is effective in treating acne, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. It makes the hair more beautiful

Nettle is a real benefactor for our hair!

First, by fighting the secretion of sebum, it also helps fight greasy hair.

Then, thanks to the vitamin B5 and the iron it contains, the nettle helps fight brittle hair. And the hair is not the only one that nettle can help strengthen. Indeed, if you have brittle nails, it can also strengthen them effectively.

And that’s not all: nettle also helps fight dandruff.

Some also claim that it would promote hair regrowth, but this remains to be proven.

Anyway, now you know what you have to do next time you see a stinging shampoo at the store. It can only be good for your hair!

3. It can be used as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory

It is very effective against pain caused by osteoarthritis, joint pain and rheumatism. There are nettle creams that just sit on the painful parts of our body, but nettle is also effective in a herbal tea.

Thanks to its rich composition of calcium and zinc, it helps remineralize bones, which will promote bone reconstruction. In addition, nettle also promotes the regeneration of muscle tissue.

4. It gives us energy

Rich in vitamins B and C (it even contains up to 7 times more vitamin C than an orange!), But also in iron, magnesium and other minerals, nettle is very effective to fight against fatigue and energize us.

It can help us in many moments of life, during the growth phases of children and adolescents who see their energy take a hit, or during diets and periods of intense fatigue, or even depressed.

Nettle also helps boost concentration and attention and is the perfect ally for exams or big challenges at work, to avoid falling asleep on your desk!

5. It is effective against iron deficiency

And not only because it contains iron. Indeed, the action of the nettle goes beyond simply providing iron to our body. On the one hand, it helps to absorb the iron it transmits to it and, on the other hand, it helps the iron to anchor on our red blood cells.

It can, therefore, be very effective with people who lack iron, but also with women who experience diet decreases following excessive menstrual bleeding. In this case, a nettle cure during the menses will help the body cope with the iron loss.

6. It fights against urinary tract infections and water retention

Nettle is a very effective natural diuretic. Whether taken as an infusion, capsule or other forms, it promotes drainage of the kidneys and bladder and is therefore recommended for urinary tract infections.

In addition, by promoting drainage, it also fights water retention… and the cellulite it causes!

7. And so much more…

Nettle is also used in many other situations. Here is an almost complete list:

  • It facilitates digestion;
  • It fights against oral infections such as canker sores;
  • It helps to limit bleeding;
  • It fights against hypertrophy of the prostate;
  • It helps pregnant women by stimulating the production of breast milk;
  • It helps fight gout attacks by promoting the elimination of uric acid;
  • It participates in the elimination of toxins in the body, thus combating cellular ageing.

How to consume nettle?

Okay, now you know that nettle has great powers, but maybe you still do not know how to consume it. It must be said that since our youngest age, nettle is generally a plant that we have learned to avoid!

Nettle tends to grow everywhere and even withstands very cold temperatures. So you could often cross it in your path. If you want to pick it yourself, remember to wear gloves to avoid getting stung by its small stinging hairs! And to avoid it having a bitter taste, it is better to harvest it when the shoots are still young.

Once in the kitchen, do not hesitate to continue using your gloves while washing and cutting the plant. Indeed, it is only after being heated that the nettle becomes harmless.

So, what to do with nettle? Several options are available to you. First, the fresh leaves of nettles can be drunk as an infusion. If you want to make a dish, know that nettles are often eaten in soup, but you can also chop them spinach, put them in quiches or add them to mashed potatoes. Anyway, the leaves are usually boiled for about fifteen minutes before being mixed or chopped.

Note that if you do not want to take the risk of stinging yourself, you can find ready-to-use nettle leaves in store. For use outside the kitchen, they are also available in capsules.

So, convinced yet? Have you ever eaten nettle? Or, on the contrary, are you afraid of putting it in your mouth? Let us know in the comments!

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