8 Tips to Get Kids to Eat Organic Vegetables

It is well known that vegetables and children do not often get along well. Reconciliation is not impossible, however.

Despite our children's enemies, vegetables are essential for their health and growth. Using force is not always the best solution. There are other, gentler methods that will finally reconcile your children with vegetables though!

Here are some tips that will make your kids adept at eating vegetables:

1. Praise the merits of vegetables

Telling kids that they will not have dessert until they finish their vegetables is not necessarily the best solution. According to Sheela Raja, a professor at the University of Illinois, "We send a message that vegetables are foods that must be tolerated, and can not be appreciated." First and foremost, you must teach them the benefits of vegetables, and make them understand that they are essential for their growth.

2. Dare the mixtures

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, children would appreciate pastries and breads that contain vegetables. Researchers had offered zucchini bread with chocolate chips and gingerbread and broccoli cake to several children and found that they loved it.

3. Let them choose their vegetables

In the Netherlands, researchers studied 259 children aged 4 to 12 years. They found that when children chose their fruits and vegetables themselves, they were more likely to eat more.

4. Grow your own vegetables

If you can, make a vegetable garden and introduce your children to growing vegetables. Once transformed into real small farmers, children will be more excited about eating vegetables.

5. Make the vegetables crispier

Researchers from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands fed carrots and green beans to children in six different ways. They found that a majority of children preferred "crisp, crunchy and juicy".

6. Be good models

It's not easy for kids to eat spinach. On the other hand, if your child sees you eating it with a strong appetite, they may be more inclined to eat it also.

7. Accompany your vegetables with a sauce

Researchers at Temple University looked at the thorny problem of broccoli, a vegetable that children hate. For this, they offered to 152 children, a dish of broccoli accompanied by a sauce. As a result, the children ate more broccoli when they had the opportunity to dip them in sauce.

8. Choose them organic

Without artifice, organic products guarantee a natural and exceptional taste*. That's why it is better to focus on organic vegetables. They are not only better for health, but are especially tasty.

* Our small survey showed that the organic ingredients were the best!

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